100% G.T.T.C.S.

(100% Guaranteed Total Temperature Control System)

What is 100% G.T.T.C.S.?
Why is 100% G.T.T.C.S. important for wines?

What is 100% G.T.T.C.S.?

100% G.T.T.C.S. is a worldwide patented-approved system developed by K.K. Vinarius.

This system invented by K.K. Vinarius ensures that wines are continuously temperature controlled at 10℃ starting from inside the winery up to the customers door.

The 9 Point Difference between REEFER and 100% G.T.T.C.S.

REEFER is just a system used by shipping lines when moving containers on the ship.

  1. The taste of K.K. Vinarius wines is much better than the taste of the original wines in that it tastes of the actual grapes despite of long shipping.
  2. As temperatures at the equator are 80 to 90℃, any wine passing it will be burnt. What does this mean?
  3. The aroma of the wine will turn to a pungent smell of dead fruits and strong alcohol.
  4. The color of the wine, especially white wine and spumante, will become cloudy.
  5. The taste of the wine will be burnt and not the original grapes taste.
  6. The wine will taste like vinegar and will be sour. To inexperienced drinkers, this can be hidden by oak.
  7. The burnt acid will cause bad reactions in the liver and a heavy hangover the next day, will make the drinker feel woozy.
  8. In bad cases, it can cause a breakdown of the metabolism and can have bad toxic, irritant effects on body cells and tissues.
  9. In the worst case, daily ingestion of burnt alcohol can cause irreversible damage to the liver, heart and blood vessels which may results in premature death. (British Medical Association)